The college sincerely invites applications  from talented personnel for the international teacher positions. The college  has a 22-year-long history of employing international teachers. In the past few  years, the college has at least 10 international teachers every year for Oral  English, English Writing, International Business, Business in Japanese, Culture  & Literature, etc. For the coming school year, 10 international teachers  are needed in the Foreign Language Department, International Business  Department and Pre-School Education Department.


  1. An applicant should be a native English  speaker or a native Japanese speaker.

  2. The minimum education qualification is a  Bachelor degree.

  3. An applicant should have at least two-year  teaching experience.

  4. An applicant should be in good health.

  Salary and  Welfare
   1. Salary

  • An  international teacher (FT)'s salary will be determined by the college according  to the duties required of the FT and the demonstrated professional competence,  with consideration of his/her academic training, qualifications and work  experience.

  • Salary  will be paid as usual during winter vacations and holidays stipulated by the  Chinese government.

  2. Other  Allowances

  • Vacation  allowance: RMB1,100 is granted every semester.

  • Teaching  bonus: RMB500 to RMB1,000 is granted according to the teaching evaluation every  semester.

  • Interantional  airfare: RMB8,000 yuan is granted at the end of the school year. If the teacher  continues to teacher for another year, RMB12,000 yuan is granted..

  • If the  teacher continues his/her teaching in the college for another year, he/she will  receive his/her salary as usual during summer vacations.

  • The  College buys the personal accidental insurance for a foreign teacher.

  • 80% of  cost of medical care for common illness treatment and medicine will be  provided.

  An apartment with kitchen, bathroom,  furniture, bedding, television set, refrigerator, air conditioner and other  basic appliances is provided for every international teacher.

  Rest and  Holidays

  • An  international teacher is entitled to all Chinese public holidays and summer and  winter vacations as scheduled by the college.

  • A free  trip in Guangdong   Province will be arranged  every semester.

  • The college  shows respect and consideration for some important festivals of the teacher's  country. For example, all international teachers have three days holiday for  Christmas.

  How to apply
  Please send your  resume, the copies of passport, certificate of education qualification, a  report of health exam to the college.
   Contact Details
   Contact Person: Joan  Liang
   Tel:  86-20-3708-1725
   Mail Address: Foreign  Affairs Office
  Guangdong Teachers  College of Foreign Language & Arts, 495 Yanling Road, Tianhe District,  Guangzhou, Guangdong,PRC
  Post Code: 510507